Percy Weasley (perce_weasley) wrote,
Percy Weasley

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Confound it!

I've looked everywhere for my badge. I know that I came back to the Leaky Cauldron with it after shopping, so either I've misplaced it (highly unlikely) or one of the boys stole it (Fred, George, I'm looking at you). Penny's beautiful photo got tea spilled on it, due to Ron's carelessness. She's cowering away from those spots in the photo, now. I must remember to ask her for a new one. *blush*
Ron's slowly starting to use the homekeys on the computer, but I think Fred and George are never going to listen to my advice on Muggle keyboards. Ginny's doing well, though.
I still have some work to do for school before it starts. So, I'll be signing off for now. Good day.
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