Percy Weasley (perce_weasley) wrote,
Percy Weasley

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Confound it!

I've looked everywhere for my badge. I know that I came back to the Leaky Cauldron with it after shopping, so either I've misplaced it (highly unlikely) or one of the boys stole it (Fred, George, I'm looking at you). Penny's beautiful photo got tea spilled on it, due to Ron's carelessness. She's cowering away from those spots in the photo, now. I must remember to ask her for a new one. *blush*
Ron's slowly starting to use the homekeys on the computer, but I think Fred and George are never going to listen to my advice on Muggle keyboards. Ginny's doing well, though.
I still have some work to do for school before it starts. So, I'll be signing off for now. Good day.
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I didn't bloody up your sodding photo, damn it! Stop suggesting that. I'm starting to think up violent death sequences for you in my gead.

And you speak of my typing skills as though I'm a baby learning to walk. This isn't in the least bit true, as I can so type faster than Ginny. You just don't want to admit the fact that I'm capable of more than 'annoying' you. ::glares::
My, you're snippy lately, Ron. I hope you will not behave that way to your friends. One of the keys to success is through kindness.
You're just out to aggravate me, aren't you? ::frowls::
Not at all. I'm merely concerned for your wellbeing.
BAHAHAHAHA! Fat chance of that! He's probably just trying to bribe you into telling him where his badge is...

*innocents smiles*
If you don't tell me where my badge is, I'll tell Mum what you have in your closet.



February 5 2003, 06:29:45 UTC 15 years ago

dear percy,

I was wondering why does it everyone seem to hate you. And I was wonderering if your brother charlie has a live journal becuse I want to ask him something about dragons I think he's the weasley that works with dragons but im not sure because theres so many the only ones im sure about are ginny,ron,arthur, and molly oh and what is it you do.