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Well, I see you have all heard about the Yule Ball already! I'm surprised that they're having one this year. I don't ever remember there being one before while I was here. Certainly not one open to all the years. But I guess it might be a good idea to try to keep everyone sane during the whole Sirius Black crisis.

Also, I was told by Professors Dumbledore and Flitwick that Hogwarts is being sent an Auror. It's my duty to show him around when he arrives. I owled Mum about it and she was pleased.

Speaking of Mum, she owled us (us being the Weasleys at Hogwarts) a very mixed letter. Half of it, she wanted us to come home, the latter said that we would do better if we stayed put at Hogwarts. I suppose perhaps Dad suggested that we'd be fine here.

Going to take Penny to the ball. I'll have to find wherever I left my dress robes. They used to be Bill's, actually. But, I've seen the thing that Mum will probably send Ron to wear. She bought it for me when I first entered Hogwarts, and already then it had been used. I, fortunately, never had to wear it. Heh, poor fellow. And the way Fred and George dirtied up their regular robes--well, I've never seen the ones Mum got for them, since she never let them wear anything fancy, for fear that they'd be keen on destroying them.
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