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Well, I'm back at Hogwarts once again. It's great to be here. I felt really good last night because I was patrolling the halls and saw some Ravenclaw fourth years snogging in a dark hall and told them to go back to their dorms or I'd deduct points. They were about to say something to me until I puffed out my chest so that they could get a look at my badge. They walked away scowling. But how could anyone do that? Especially since they were breaking rules by being out that late.

Earlier at King's Cross, Mum and Dad said goodbye to us all. Something tells me that Fred and George are up to something, but that seems to always be the case. I shall have to watch them closely. Ron and Hermione argue a lot, I thought I'd say that. And about the most simple of things. Almost like an old, married couple. Ginny and Harry were mostly being quiet. And Mum was warning Fred, George, and Ron about various things--the usuals. After we said goodbye to Mum and Dad, we went through the barrier to Nine and Three-Quarters. Saw Penny almost immediately and ran off to show her my shiny badge. She was very impressed. Just as we were boarding the train, the press showed up. Seems that Gilderoy Lockhart has come back to teach us. I must say, I hope the man plans to teach better than he tried the last time. He went off onto so many tangents. And however exciting his adventures are, I really wanted to learn.

On the train ride, Penny and I went over the arithmancy problems we had been assigned over summer holiday. She caught a mistake I had made on of them. *blushes* I was very flustered about that and she poked fun at me a bit. Er. So I heard there was all this hubbub on the train, due to...dementors.. Horrible creatures, or so I've read in my books. Harry apparently passed out due to one. Poor chap. I hope he'll feel better.
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