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We had a meeting with our substitute head of the house, Professor Wolfe. Not only am I bothered by her gross negligence of the rules, but also the rumours going around about her. Now, I realize that my brothers cannot be considered the most credible, but the whole bloody school has some sort of story they've heard about her goings on with Professor Snape. How disgusting, if they happen to be true. But I'm not really interested in such gossip, but still, it makes one wonder why rumours of that nature would be spread. =/

I have to admit, Ron was being quite insufferable; whether Professor Wolfe's morals are questionable or not, she's still an authority figure of some sort. She thinks I'm an alcoholic, since I was trying to softly hint to her that she wasn't being very responsible by coming to see us obviously under the influence of alcohol. Hmph. Ruddy fine year this is, we're already starting out with negative five points.
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